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Celebrity is not Leadership

“Famous people are interesting, but there’s a kind of a distancing phenomenon there. I’m interested in the creativity that we all put into our lives. Picasso’s life story is not empowering to the creativity of ordinary people. What is empowering is looking at someone that… Read More

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The shadow side of our creativity.

For all the benefits capitalism can bring ,in moderation, left unchecked it breeds impatience. selfishness, short sightedness and increasing dissatisfaction. It encourages us to want more, now, for ourselves and creates wants that go way beyond needs. We have become an Ourobouros. A legendary symbol… Read More

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Reflections, 24 January

Time to go from Preflections to Reflections. Three weeks into 2021 has provided more than enough material, and with floods to add to pestilence and Brexit, it all feels a little bit Biblical. Mystics understand the root to the Tao but not its branches; scientists… Read More