We are craftspeople at heart.

Craft is hugely inefficient. Perhaps that’s where its power comes from. Craft derives from a sense of purpose. Simply put, what we produce is part of us, and a part of the signature that identifies us, where we’ve been and where we’re headed.  One of the defining characteristics of a craftsperson, like an artist, isContinue reading “We are craftspeople at heart.”

From Prepack to Craft

Last week, I wrote about the idea of originising – becoming ourselves in an age when we feel under pressure to be someone else.  Some great responses to that idea and other discussions with clients since then, got me thinking about what we do as we become ourselves – how do we contribute and find our wayContinue reading “From Prepack to Craft”


I find it an attractive word. With its origin in Anglo Saxon, it is normally used in terms of weight, or effort but there is another very specific use in terms of animals and people, hefted, which is used to describe the relationship between them and the land they live on. Hefted flocks are thoseContinue reading “Heft”