Is it wrong to be energised by this?

As I sit here on a glorious spring morning in Derbyshire, looking out from the room where I write, I feel an odd mixture of gratitude, apprehension and excitement. Gratitude for what is. Personal good health, a healthy family, a happy home, a beautiful location and doing work that I love. Not a lot ofContinue reading “Is it wrong to be energised by this?”


When I lived in Switzerland, there was a joke.  The logs at the top of the pile needs the ones at the bottom to be really, really, stable. apochryphal As we get past the initial disorientation of what’s going on, past the stockpiling (interesting that the British do toilet rolls, whilst the Americans seem toContinue reading “Givers”

Heavy Lifting Time

Wicked This is weird. Disruptive, challenging, productive. What is termed a wicked problem – a mystery to be understood not a puzzle to be solved. The thing I believe is this. We are dealing with two challenges.  The first is about getting by for the next three months. Not elegant, not trainable, not consultable. TheContinue reading “Heavy Lifting Time”