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Standing under our own Bridges.

We live in an age of evidence dependency. Whatever we do, somebody wants evidence, and we have evidence-based education, practice, marketing – pretty much everything. The challenge, of course, is that evidence is, by definition, historic. There is no evidence of the future. As I… Read More

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What is your Stance?

One of the challenges we face in these uncertain times is that we have nowhere to hide. It used to be the case that we could hide behind the marketing literature, the company brand, or, at a push, pricing.  Now it’s different. Topics are being… Read More

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A Time for Heretics

Over time, what was once fresh discovery becomes dogma. We have seen this in institutions as varied as the church and the sciences, as it offers the opportunity to exercise power and control, and along with it, accumulate wealth and influence. Eventually, it percolates down… Read More