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The beauty of constraints

“All you have is what you do, everything else is in your head” unascribed One of the constant effects of social media is a continuous exhortation to push our boundaries, stretch ourselves, and accept no limits. But without the support of people we know, who are… Read More

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Coming Home to Roost?

It is sobering to think of the conversations going on in Boardrooms right now. Caught between an incontrovertible IPCC report, on the one hand, credible approaches from those like RethinkX on the other, and under the unforgiving gaze of Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg, and increasingly,… Read More

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Standing under our own Bridges.

We live in an age of evidence dependency. Whatever we do, somebody wants evidence, and we have evidence-based education, practice, marketing – pretty much everything. The challenge, of course, is that evidence is, by definition, historic. There is no evidence of the future. As I… Read More