Shockabuku. A swift spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever. Urban Dictionary / Grosse Point Blanke As I was writing yesterday’s blog, I found myself reflecting on our attitude towards the Covid-19 Crisis. I think the clue is in how we term it. We term the virus a crisis, rather than the positionContinue reading “Balance”

When Rules Fray

Organisations and markets crave stability. Stability enables them to pursue efficiency, and mine every last piece of value from a known situation. Stability allows for structures and rules to be created, and for those in power to sleep comfortably at night. It’s a bit of a problem then when, like any system, things begin toContinue reading “When Rules Fray”

The edge will find you

Icebergs fracture at theIr edges. Landmasses erode at the coast. Businesses change at their edges. Despite that, most businesses respond to change by retreating towards the centre. They focus on business as usual and take comfort in easily managed lagging indicators. Margins. ROA. Annual profit. It’s easy to find comfort in wilful blindness, and toContinue reading “The edge will find you”