The edge will find you

Icebergs fracture at theIr edges. Landmasses erode at the coast. Businesses change at their edges. Despite that, most businesses respond to change by retreating towards the centre. They focus on business as usual and take comfort in easily managed lagging indicators. Margins. ROA. Annual profit. It’s easy to find comfort in wilful blindness, and toContinue reading “The edge will find you”

Old Game, New Rules

For just about all of my working life, over four decades, organisations have held sway. They had the resources, the status, the networks and the power. When I left university, the conventional wisdom was to look for the “solid organisation”. That makes it quite strange to suddenly realise that it’s changed. Quite disconcerting really, likeContinue reading “Old Game, New Rules”


I find it an attractive word. With its origin in Anglo Saxon, it is normally used in terms of weight, or effort but there is another very specific use in terms of animals and people, hefted, which is used to describe the relationship between them and the land they live on. Hefted flocks are thoseContinue reading “Heft”