Generalists in an age of Specialists?

Firstly, we have to determine what we mean by Generalists. They are not just “non specialists”, or those with a varied background. Just as Specialists develop through “deliberate practice“, so Generalists develop through what I might term deliberate variety – the deliberate accumulation of varied experiences that will later interlink to create insight. To makeContinue reading “Generalists in an age of Specialists?”

Are we nearly there yet?

For those of us interested in the nature of change, this is a fertile time. It’s a though a whole bevy (what a great collective noun!) of black swans have taken flight (when they become a wedge – another great metaphor) and are heading right for us. Our individual and collective reactions vary, but inContinue reading “Are we nearly there yet?”

Exploring Change – the speed of understanding

Over time. “Change Management” has become a label, like “Quality” and “Innovation”. The labels make the subject safe. People design a process, and make it something that can be done to people and organisations. I suggest that is a potentially lethal approach. We have three reactions to change. the first is denial – the ideaContinue reading “Exploring Change – the speed of understanding”