Are we nearly there yet?

For those of us interested in the nature of change, this is a fertile time. It’s a though a whole bevy (what a great collective noun!) of black swans have taken flight (when they become a wedge – another great metaphor) and are heading right for us. Our individual and collective reactions vary, but inContinue reading “Are we nearly there yet?”

Escape Velocity

The 50th anniversary of landing on the moon took me to thoughts about escape velocity. For earth, a little over 11km/s, or Mach 33, or several times the velocity of a high powered rifle bullet. The energy needed to escape the pull of the familiar. We are currently trapped in a numbers driven economic system,Continue reading “Escape Velocity”

The ten percent

We talk about change pretty much every day. It’s entered the lexicon of how we talk about what we see around us. So much so we just accept it as routine. I wonder how much we really think about it though. Mostly, the context I hear about it tends to be in relation to problems,Continue reading “The ten percent”