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Business model religion

If you’re reading this, you will probably have a veritable warehouse of expensively acquired models, schematics, heuristics and other tools that you can bring to bear on a challenge.  I can sometimes sense my own mental “stock picker” working like an over-caffeinated Amazon warehouse worker… Read More

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Reflections 3rd October

On my mind this week. In a word, Autumn. A changing of the seasons as nature moves from bright days of growth into¬†senescence¬†as she prepares for the coming winter. Perhaps my favourite season represents preparation and forward-thinking, and a time for pruning, planting and clearing… Read More

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An image of the future

It is easy to feel overwhelmed right now. There is so much we seem to face that we do not understand on so many fronts. Conventional approaches don’t provide a way that feels right, and there are no experts in the complexity we are walking… Read More