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The Recipe Challenge

Everything operates in cycles; the trick is knowing where we are in it – at the start, growth phase, peak, decline or the end game. When there are so many different cycles, with varying timespans, from hours to centuries, it takes concentration to notice them.… Read More

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Travel addiction.

In his 1962 book that gave us the word “paradigm,” “The structure of scientific revolutions”, Thomas Kuhn observed that ‘Novelty emerges only with difficulty, manifested by … lifelong resistance’ from those ‘whose productive careers have committed them to an older tradition’.It applies, of course, to… Read More

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We are what we measure

Over the last two hundred years or so, we in the West have become an extraordinarily short-sighted culture. What is worse, we have packaged it and exported it until it has become a global culture and arrived at what the IPCC report described as “code… Read More