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Nietzsche tells a story about an Emissary and his Master. Once there was a wise ruler whose lands prospered and grew to a point where he (this was, remember, a while ago) had to appoint emissaries to assist him. One of the emissaries became so… Read More

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Reflections 18th April

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell when something is ending, or beginning. A liminal space where something is emerging but the old has not yet disappeared, and both seem present at the same time. It’s confusing and unsettling and which version we choose to accept is… Read More

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Owners, Players, Spectators…

I found myself looking at an interesting stream on LinkedIn on our relationship with Google around learning that had generated over a thousand comments, a number that caught my attention. I thought about the post as a football, and those commenting as variously owners, for… Read More