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Reflections 4 July

On my mind this week. One of the joys of slow conversations with interesting people is how ideas and connections creep in unexpectedly. I talked with other people in Originize, including farmers and scientists, about how “regeneration” is steadily replacing “sustainability” as a foundational expression. The… Read More

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The Dream

I often find there’s a point in the waking up process where I find myself in a liminal “between” space, still in a dream but increasingly conscious of my surroundings. As the sun rose over Widemouth bay this morning, I was still in a zoom… Read More

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Change doesn’t do reverse.

I’ve sometimes wondered what it felt like to be a buggy whip maker when automobiles were entering the scene, or the big airline companies felt like as the first budget airlines appeared. Or what the big hotel companies felt like on the day that they… Read More