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Recruitment as Paralysis

I sometimes think LinkedIn is a paradox. It has enormous generative potential but uses only a fraction of it. What could be cutting edge exploration of ideas becomes a matching service for employers and employees through advertising revenue. It feels a little like using a… Read More

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Reflections 4 July

On my mind this week. One of the joys of slow conversations with interesting people is how ideas and connections creep in unexpectedly. I talked with other people in Originize, including farmers and scientists, about how “regeneration” is steadily replacing “sustainability” as a foundational expression. The… Read More

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The Dream

I often find there’s a point in the waking up process where I find myself in a liminal “between” space, still in a dream but increasingly conscious of my surroundings. As the sun rose over Widemouth bay this morning, I was still in a zoom… Read More