The Self Respect Filter

It’s invisible, anonymous, mutates and is passed easily from person to person. It can quickly overwhelm entire communities in hours. If we mask up for Coronvirus, why don’t we do so for the media we consume? My normal habit is to get up early, have a cup of tea (Compulsory. I’m English) and spend someContinue reading “The Self Respect Filter”

For or Against?

There seems to have been a real breach in our defences as a result of Covid. Up to the end of January most of us were blissfully unaware of the virus, and even when it began to make the lower levels of the news, regarded it as some sort of a little local difficulty. It’sContinue reading “For or Against?”

Counterfeit is a mindset.

The current crisis is putting businesses and brands under the microscope in unexpected ways. Those that have made vision, mission and values statements in the heat of a relaxed offsite are finding themselves in the spotlight as their real commitment to those values is tested in the heat of the crisis. Nobody would question theContinue reading “Counterfeit is a mindset.”