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The raw material of change

We often have a curious approach to change. We involve people from outside the business to bring along a template and force people into something that doesn’t fit through several terrabytes of PowerPoint slides, much broadcasting of encouraging slogans, and powerful incentives. A sort of… Read More

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Preflections 10 January

When I said last week that I would spend January “Preflecting” on what might be emerging, I clearly had no idea. Here we are, 10 days into the New Year with an assault on the Capitol in Washington, Donald Trump banned from his main sources… Read More

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Doing, or being Done Unto…

The history of groups of skilled people’s relationships with employers is an interesting one, whether weavers in the nineteenth century, or accountants today. Skilled people form groups that enable them to shape the sector and their relationships with and as employers and in doing so… Read More