Reflections 30th August

What I’ve noticed. We seem to be in something of a phase change. Perhaps it’s the onset of Autumn, or the experience not so much of U turns by our government as much a set of donuts that would put Lewis Hamilton to shame. All smoke and noise with little forward motion. We’re betwixt andContinue reading “Reflections 30th August”


You know when something really serious in happening when wilful blindness goes centre stage. I notice this morning that the CBI is lobbying for people to be made to go back to their offices so that the service industry that supported those offices can survive. That has something of the same logic as buggy whipContinue reading “Re-thinking”

Uncertainty, Confusion and Clarity

From my conversations with leaders, and my observations on what’s been happening around us, it seems that we have two very different challenges right now, and one overarching priority. Uncertainty These are “doing” challenges. We have the same sort of challenges we’re used to, but no easy, “proven” answers. We understand the problem, can describeContinue reading “Uncertainty, Confusion and Clarity”