Insight is hard work

If ever there was a time that we needed our leaders to have insight, to identify something that grounds them, and around which they can rally people, it’s now. There’s a tendency for some of the development literature to assign insight a mystical quality, something that happens when we’re in the shower, or walking inContinue reading “Insight is hard work”

The Coffee Shop Paradox

Over the last thirty years we’ve seen a revolution in efficiency as a combination of technology and process has transformed our economy. Between them, lean thinking and technology enabled globalisaton has totally reconfigured supply chains and sourcing strategies. Here in the UK, as in most Western economies, what could be transferred to lower cost areasContinue reading “The Coffee Shop Paradox”


I wrote yesterday about the “great fraying” as superficial relationships are eroded by the impact of Covid. There’s a counterside. Many of us have found ourselves talking with people we would not normally talk to, in ways we wouldn’t normally talk to them, about things we wouldn’t normally talk about. It’s wonderful – the veryContinue reading “Re-weaving”