Don’t feel behind

It’s easy to feel behind when so much is changing, and we find ourselves in a bonfire of old certainties It’s understandable. Many of the things we have trained for, qualified in and taken as a solid base seem to be evaporating under the heat of technology and politics. It’s compounded by our psyche. FOMO,Continue reading “Don’t feel behind”

Stranded on the summit.

To make the changes we need to not just survive, but thrive together, we have to go beyond what we know and be guided by what we believe in, our intuition, and our insight. It’s difficult, because we’re used to proof. A solid business case. Someone to blame if it goes wrong. We’re used toContinue reading “Stranded on the summit.”

Not Knowing – a critical business skill

There’s an interesting, and I think important theme emerging. As we tiptoe out of the caution of the last seven years, and entertain the idea of ambitious business growth, rather than survival and incremental growth, the rules have changed. We are discovering the limitations of expertise. Expertise and knowledge are great in relatively static conditions,Continue reading “Not Knowing – a critical business skill”