The Future is Wonky

There was a time when we needed those that fit our business model, or culture, or idea of ourselves. Ideas that wouldn’t rock the boat, upset the Chairman, and would use the equipment we already had. No more. Like vegetables in our identikit supermarkets, it means that a huge proportion of really good things getContinue reading “The Future is Wonky”


I love Autumn – the sights, the smells, the mist, and the gentle changes into winter. The evenings draw in. Time to light the fire. A time of senescence as what has given us such pleasure over the summer gradually folds back into itself and prepares the soil for new growth next year. It alwaysContinue reading “Gratitude”


Fire is a powerful metaphor. People who know how to light fires in the wild, in the wet, in hostile conditions, have power. It’s an art form requiring a flow of oxygen, tinder, kindling and above all the ability to generate a spark or access to embers of an existing fire. Welcome to the finalContinue reading “Firecarriers”