From Prepack to Craft

Last week, I wrote about the idea of originising – becoming ourselves in an age when we feel under pressure to be someone else.  Some great responses to that idea and other discussions with clients since then, got me thinking about what we do as we become ourselves – how do we contribute and find our wayContinue reading “From Prepack to Craft”

What’s the thread running through your organisation?

Every organisation we walk into feels different. What it looks like – cared for or tired?, what’s on the walls – art or marketing slogans? What it sounds like – the underlying level of hum, laughter, phones ringing. How it responds to you – does it notice your arrival and make you feel welcome, orContinue reading “What’s the thread running through your organisation?”

Beyond the SME Hype

There‚Äôs a great piece of research just released by NESTA. In essence, it has four messages: Most startups were not particularly special from an economic point of view. Many good companies go out of business. Existing businesses were by far the biggest contributors to economic growth. The British economy became significantly worse at allocating resourcesContinue reading “Beyond the SME Hype”