Less of More

Branding is not something you create. Brands are made of experience. I’ve been considering how we have let brokers in between us and what’s important to us. How we have let ourselves be seduced into believing a confection created by clever people to convince us to believe something is what it plainly is not. ItContinue reading “Less of More”

Scale kills Craft

The challenge with craft is scale. Products, services, art created through intense focus and love, often one at a time. Each piece in one way or another signed by its creator through small differences, flaws, textures. Each one an original, a memory and a collectible, limited in number by the capacity of the creator. TheContinue reading “Scale kills Craft”

Provenance – again

There’s something going on here. My regular copy of HBR came through the letterbox today, and it’s substantive focus is on the flaws we can make in making metrics the centre of our performance management. In particular, I liked an article about Canada Goose, the Canada based maker of expensive, luxury cold weather gear. It’sContinue reading “Provenance – again”