The wrong sort of evidence

Many years ago, on my commute home from London to Wendover, we used to get get regularly delayed by “leaves on the line” or “the wrong sort of snow”. Those days are long behind me. The experiences left me with a determination to avoid commuting like the plague. Right now however, we have plagues ofContinue reading “The wrong sort of evidence”


Friction gets a bad press. I don’t think it should. Around a year ago, I wrote a short piece on Friction, and got some generous and thoughtful flak from a reader in the USA. A marine, he was steeped in the notion of friction as embodied in concepts of mission command, where friction is anythingContinue reading “Friction”

Are we nearly there yet?

For those of us interested in the nature of change, this is a fertile time. It’s a though a whole bevy (what a great collective noun!) of black swans have taken flight (when they become a wedge – another great metaphor) and are heading right for us. Our individual and collective reactions vary, but inContinue reading “Are we nearly there yet?”