What would it take for money to be beautiful?

It’s strange how random thoughts sometimes stay with you. Perhaps it was the beautiful September day, or the enthusiasm of the people on the stalls, or the colour. We went to the only garden exhibition we’ve been able to this year, and the explosion of colours, smells, and enthusiasm for craft and beauty in theContinue reading “What would it take for money to be beautiful?”

Weathering the Storm

The Calm In the last thirty years, we have built up a huge consulting industry around leadership, coaching, engagement, persuasion, marketing and the rest. Advising, not doing. Risk free expertise. Whilst things were relatively stable, we could develop best practice, and neat models that could be applied without really having to understand them. They didContinue reading “Weathering the Storm”


It seems a lot of things have come unstuck during lockdown. The office has moved from being an almost invisible fixture, a fact of life of work, to an option. For many, commuting has become an expensive and potentially hazardous choice. Businesses that depend on passing trade have suffered enormously when people stopped passing. There’sContinue reading “Glue”