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The Recipe Challenge

Everything operates in cycles; the trick is knowing where we are in it – at the start, growth phase, peak, decline or the end game. When there are so many different cycles, with varying timespans, from hours to centuries, it takes concentration to notice them.… Read More

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The Signature Dish

On my trip to the slightly surreal gated communities in Surrey this week, we ate at a delightful, if very expensive, restaurant. As seems to be the norm, there was a “signature dish”. It led me to ponder – what constitutes a signature dish? If… Read More

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The limits of scale.

Not everything scales. Despite that, scale is another concept that has passed unchallenged into business plans,social networks, and personal wealth. “More is better” No, it isn’t. I suggest we have to treat scale with caution. I’m working with a challenge at the moment of expanding… Read More