I am a catalyst. I am at my most effective when I work with others to do something that matters  – that makes an impact on their lives, those they work with, and the communities they serve.

What I bring to them is creativity and facilitation – I combine experience, learning, and a  wide range of frameworks to enable them to think deeply, to find their voice, and to stand confidently in that area between what they know, and what they don’t. To explore.  To gain insight, inspiration, and direction.

I am an avid student, and stay at the forefront of my areas of interest; coaching, exploration and research, strategy, development, agile.

My focus is on agility – agile strategy, agile operations, and agile development. The ability to act confidently in conditions of uncertainty.- whether personal, team, organisation – or all of these.

I work with no more than four clients at any one time, on a project basis.

It starts with a conversation – enough time for us to determine what we might achieve by working together, and for which there is no charge.

After that, I work in blocks of ten days (or so) over three month periods to help you identify and scope a project that will deliver real and identifiable value. After that, I work with you, in whatever way is appropriate for the duration of the project, to a point where what I enable and teach means I am no longer needed, because the skills I bring are integrated into your organisation.

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