Reflections 18th October

What I’ve noticed. The steady evaporation of centralised authority. It’s becoming very evident as politicians bicker over which regions should lock down to what extent, “following the science” becomes clear as a marketing tagline, local leadership asserts itself in the North, and the only response is to co-opt track and trace data and threaten peopleContinue reading “Reflections 18th October”

Weekly Reflections 27th September

What I’ve noticed. There’s been a sense of fatigue in the air. Perhaps it was the Autumn Equinox, or the reimposition of Covid related restrictions, or the dawning realisation of the end of the blanket job support schemes to something more nuanced. Whatever it was, I found it reflected in conversations, mails, LinkedIn posts. NotContinue reading “Weekly Reflections 27th September”

Reflections; 20th September

What I’ve noticed. I’ve been away this week. My wife is a keen and accomplished gardner, and we took the time to visit two famous gardens down in Kent and Sussex. I realised something important. Sissinghurst and Great Dixter are only a few miles from each other, in the High Wealds. A privileged, verdant partContinue reading “Reflections; 20th September”