Making Stuff That Matters

Every morning i’m seeing increasing numbers of posts about conferences on designing the future. They’re interesting and valuable, but without products that matter to flow through the system being designed they’re as useful as plumbing in a desert. For the last fifty years, advisory businesses from accounting to design have made excellent livings advising peopleContinue reading “Making Stuff That Matters”


I suspect today will be seen in retrospect as an indicator of how our mindsets may have changed during Covid-19. Lockdown lasted long enough for us to change habits – like commuting, interminable meetings, eating out, spending time with families and many other smaller, but important aspects of our daily lives. It means that “goingContinue reading “Choices”


Shockabuku. A swift spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever. Urban Dictionary / Grosse Point Blanke As I was writing yesterday’s blog, I found myself reflecting on our attitude towards the Covid-19 Crisis. I think the clue is in how we term it. We term the virus a crisis, rather than the positionContinue reading “Balance”