Making Stuff That Matters

Every morning i’m seeing increasing numbers of posts about conferences on designing the future. They’re interesting and valuable, but without products that matter to flow through the system being designed they’re as useful as plumbing in a desert. For the last fifty years, advisory businesses from accounting to design have made excellent livings advising peopleContinue reading “Making Stuff That Matters”

Where has all the value gone?

I found it extraordinary listening to the news this morning. Two consecutive items made me question our definition of value. Firstly, a piece about Softbank buying call options on around thirty billion dollars of tech stocks – Apple, Tesla etc – which has triggered significant rises in their stock price, which in turn has, soContinue reading “Where has all the value gone?”

Reflections Sunday 23rd August

What I’ve noticed. I’ve found myself reflecting on the nature and importance of connection this week. Technology makes it easy to connect on a personal level. I think that has a danger in that it can make connection casual, like collecting points. Relationships define our lives, and I believe we need to take each andContinue reading “Reflections Sunday 23rd August”