Making Stuff That Matters

Every morning i’m seeing increasing numbers of posts about conferences on designing the future. They’re interesting and valuable, but without products that matter to flow through the system being designed they’re as useful as plumbing in a desert. For the last fifty years, advisory businesses from accounting to design have made excellent livings advising peopleContinue reading “Making Stuff That Matters”

Recirculating vs. Extractive

As I walked into my local mall this morning, I found myself wondering where the money goes. In my local village, if I spend money at the local pub, or the butchers, or the shop, I have a reasonable idea where the money goes. I know the people. I get to hear how they’re doing.Continue reading “Recirculating vs. Extractive”


Just about everybody is business uses indicators. All use lag indicators – sales, margins, the stuff of yesterday. Fewer use lead indicators – web hits, reputation, engagement, and of these I guess most use their lead indicators to predict their lag indicators. In times of stability, that’s fair enough – but what about now, whenContinue reading “Indicators”