Reasons to be cheerful.

I suspect I’m not alone this morning in feeling a little bewildered as on the one hand our Government lays down seemingly arbitrary rules for meetings (I can meet more than six for work, but can’t meet my family) whilst at the same time playing fast and loose with international law. It’s easy to getContinue reading “Reasons to be cheerful.”

We all have an Inner Simon

There are lots of words that fall into unthinking common usage. Vision. Purpose. Negotiation. Commitment. Honour. Words that are used in routine ways without stopping to think about what they really mean. In business, and many other areas leadership is often seen as something we get to when we run out of management titles. SomethingContinue reading “We all have an Inner Simon”

Reflections 30th August

What I’ve noticed. We seem to be in something of a phase change. Perhaps it’s the onset of Autumn, or the experience not so much of U turns by our government as much a set of donuts that would put Lewis Hamilton to shame. All smoke and noise with little forward motion. We’re betwixt andContinue reading “Reflections 30th August”