Where has all the value gone?

I found it extraordinary listening to the news this morning. Two consecutive items made me question our definition of value. Firstly, a piece about Softbank buying call options on around thirty billion dollars of tech stocks – Apple, Tesla etc – which has triggered significant rises in their stock price, which in turn has, soContinue reading “Where has all the value gone?”


I wrote yesterday about the “great fraying” as superficial relationships are eroded by the impact of Covid. There’s a counterside. Many of us have found ourselves talking with people we would not normally talk to, in ways we wouldn’t normally talk to them, about things we wouldn’t normally talk about. It’s wonderful – the veryContinue reading “Re-weaving”

Recirculating vs. Extractive

As I walked into my local mall this morning, I found myself wondering where the money goes. In my local village, if I spend money at the local pub, or the butchers, or the shop, I have a reasonable idea where the money goes. I know the people. I get to hear how they’re doing.Continue reading “Recirculating vs. Extractive”