Our accountability to ourselves

It’s easy for it to go missing. When we’re busy. When we’re excited by our goals. When we’ve just had a great review and a pay rise. The reality is it’s temporary. Nothing Machiavellian, nothing deliberate, just true. We are in the middle of a seismic change. Many of the jobs professionals do today willContinue reading “Our accountability to ourselves”

Addicted to Yesterday

The announcement of Apple’s staggering quarterly profit (generated at a rate of £5.4 million/hour reveals an interesting response. An obsession with how that rate of growth can be maintained. It seems to reveal a “milking” attitude to growth rather than a developmental approach by shareholders. Apple has phenomenal creative capacity.if it was owned by peopleContinue reading “Addicted to Yesterday”

Do you speak loudly with non-verbal communication?

Originally posted on Otrazhenie:
From http://studentsollution.com “At a conference I attended recently as a guest speaker I was sitting waiting to address a group of around 300 women. As I watched them come into the hall, I began to take note of the noise they were making. It seemed they were all talking at once. I…