Do one thing

When times are tough, most people run for cover. They make excuses. “We’ve produced more tests than ever before” when the number of tests is clearly inadequate. “Lessons will be learned” as a way of sidelining a problem when it’s a clear repeat of a previous issue. Putting clear blue water and legal disclaimers betweenContinue reading “Do one thing”

What would it take for money to be beautiful?

It’s strange how random thoughts sometimes stay with you. Perhaps it was the beautiful September day, or the enthusiasm of the people on the stalls, or the colour. We went to the only garden exhibition we’ve been able to this year, and the explosion of colours, smells, and enthusiasm for craft and beauty in theContinue reading “What would it take for money to be beautiful?”


Agency is one of those interesting words that seem to have polarities of accepted meaning. At one end, the association with external agency- estate agencies, advertising agencies, government agencies. At the other end, our personal agency. How we interact with the world, what we take responsibility for. I think it’s about locus of control. ThoseContinue reading “Agency”