Falling between two stools

“Falling between two stools”. Often a criticism. Answer? Take sides. Pick one thing or another. Sometimes, good advice – but not often in times of uncertainty. Procrastination, up to a point stops us being lazy. The tension that exists between those stools is where magic lies. If we can synthesise them to come up withContinue reading “Falling between two stools”

Back to the office?

Today, in the UK we will start to get some real evidence of just how important the office is. As of today, employers can insist we go back to the office providing that essential safety measures are met, and we agree. That’s a big couple of caveats, but nonetheless an important change. I’m genuinely interestedContinue reading “Back to the office?”

Get Weaving!

We’ve made it really really easy to be lazy. We are automating the hard work of being human. Thinking for ourselves. Feeling. Seeing. Being seen. When we have a challenge we can choose from ‘best practice’, “celebrity” comparison, or advice from one form or another of consultant. The problem is that they are not you,Continue reading “Get Weaving!”