What game are you playing?

“Taking things to the next level” is one of those hackneyed phrases that has been repeated so often that it becomes meaningless. However, it wasn’t meaningless when it started, and it’s worth a revisit. Great games have almost infinite worlds. We work through one, through different levels until we find ourselves in the next one,Continue reading “What game are you playing?”

Aspirations & Patience

As we try to understand and find our way out of the mess we have got ourselves into that is the way we work and the economies we have created, I’m interested to see how many are offering “solutions”. Something like the equivalent of a nicotine patch for complexity. It’s not like that. It hasContinue reading “Aspirations & Patience”

Reflections, Sunday 2nd August

What I’ve noticed I think the changes we’ve seen over the last few months are more systemic and less episodic than I had thought. This week, I went into my nearest city mall to have my annual eye test – something that, as yet, I can’t do online. Not having been in since lockdown started,Continue reading “Reflections, Sunday 2nd August”