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Reflections 25th July

What’s been on my mind this week. I’ve been thinking about phase change this week. The sense of it has been present in conversations, in what I’ve been reading, listening to and watching. The idea of it has provided a thread that has connected all… Read More

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Tired of Maybe.

I suspect exhaustion, like insanity, has its roots in repeatedly doing the same thing whilst expecting a different result. This morning, the thought occurred when reading an email that referred to Mark Manson’s advice that “if it isn’t a F****** YES, it’d a NO”. There’s a thread… Read More

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No time for sensemaking..

Steve Jobs famously said we cannot join the dots looking forward, only by looking backwards. And right now, there are an awful lot of dots to join. There are many potentially significant changes taking place, and we do not know whether they are harbingers of… Read More