Friday question #1

Our futures will be determined by the questions we ask; of ourselves, and others. This question paraphrases the great Buckminster Fuller: “What is it that you do, that few others can do, that if done would make a real difference to your clients and the wider world?” We all have, somewhere in us, an aspectContinue reading “Friday question #1”

Bring on the Clones……

Tom Shone, reviewing “Interstellar” in the Guardian on 5 Nov noted that: “In some ways the success of Nolan’s films rests on the same principle of the popularity of boutique hotels, lo-fi recording methods, “Glitch” music and Etsy: in the information age, more value, not less, will accrue to precisely those methods that cannot beContinue reading “Bring on the Clones……”

Beyond the SME Hype

There’s a great piece of research just released by NESTA. In essence, it has four messages: Most startups were not particularly special from an economic point of view. Many good companies go out of business. Existing businesses were by far the biggest contributors to economic growth. The British economy became significantly worse at allocating resourcesContinue reading “Beyond the SME Hype”