Where has all the value gone?

I found it extraordinary listening to the news this morning. Two consecutive items made me question our definition of value. Firstly, a piece about Softbank buying call options on around thirty billion dollars of tech stocks – Apple, Tesla etc – which has triggered significant rises in their stock price, which in turn has, soContinue reading “Where has all the value gone?”

Reflections 6th September

What I’ve noticed. That people are beginning to make decisions for themselves. We becomemore resilient, and antifragile even, the more decision making is distributed to where the action needs to take place. The military have known in for years, and utilities are gettin g it as they switch to sitrubuted networls to reduce the likelihoodContinue reading “Reflections 6th September”

We are what we pay attention to

In ‘current budget constrains’ (AKA cuts) the issue is not to ignore them or pretend that there is no pain. The problem is that talking about pain, referring to pain, discussing pain, lamenting pain and reminding everybody of the pain, does not take pain away. In fact, it multiplies it. Leandro Herrero This extract ofContinue reading “We are what we pay attention to”