Echo Chambers

As we head into autumn, with Winter ahead, these are challenging times – but is the challenge real or one of our own construction? We know that we largely construct our reality from the stories we tell ourselves, and that our stories are often delivered, prepackaged and hermetically sealed, via an assortment of media withContinue reading “Echo Chambers”

Reflections; 20th September

What I’ve noticed. I’ve been away this week. My wife is a keen and accomplished gardner, and we took the time to visit two famous gardens down in Kent and Sussex. I realised something important. Sissinghurst and Great Dixter are only a few miles from each other, in the High Wealds. A privileged, verdant partContinue reading “Reflections; 20th September”

Making Stuff That Matters

Every morning i’m seeing increasing numbers of posts about conferences on designing the future. They’re interesting and valuable, but without products that matter to flow through the system being designed they’re as useful as plumbing in a desert. For the last fifty years, advisory businesses from accounting to design have made excellent livings advising peopleContinue reading “Making Stuff That Matters”