There is a space before plans, before innovation and before action. It is where possibility lives, and entertaining possibility is at the heart of finding a way to the purpose that enables a meaningful life.

We have a choice as to what we do every day. We can work to pay the bills; we can develop a career; we can contribute to society. Or, we can find a way to do all three and find our own genius.

For many, “Genius” is an uncomfortable word. Who are we to be a genius?

On the other hand, who are we not to be?

Between 2012 and 2015 I was part of a group of 14 people – coaches, philosophers, authors and normal people who took this on as a challenge.

The end result (so far) was a book “Enabling Genius” and a conviction that each of us has genius within us. It may be a tiny genius at first – those moments when we know intuitively  what to do when others do not; or it may be larger – the potential to be the next game changer. Uber to the taxi, AirBnB to Hilton, Paralympics to orthodox athletics.

We are at the end (though many of us prefer not to think about it) of the industrial era. Whether we choose a “job”, a “career”, a vocation, or whether we find a way to change things is no longer a matter of qualification, of others “giving us permission”; it is a choice and and commitment.

My commitment is to enable individuals and small teams to find their Genius, to make a difference beyond money, and to derive both reward and  joy from it.



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