Progress happens when we have a good balance between what we know and understand, and that which we do not. Order and Chaos.

The wrong balance either leaves us complacent and stale, or frightened and stuck.

We are living in extraordinary times. The complex interactions of geopolitics, technology, sustainability and demographies are creating conditions in which the old order no longer holds sway.

Running any enterprise – and that includes our lives – requires us to achieve 5 things:

  1. Harmony – within ourselves, and with those with whom we choose to work.
  2. Mastery – to do the “deep work” that gives us mastery of a domain – a skill, a level of  knowledge, a market such that we sense what is happening before it becomes apparent to others.
  3. Agility. levels of resilience and “anti fragility” that help us take advantage of what frightens others.
  4. Relationships. we all have unique gifts, but spend most of our time competing with other people (and increasingly technology) around standardised tasks.  It pays us to be selective about what we do, who we work with, and how we work with them.
  5. Focus. we live in an age of multi tasking. It doesn’t work, and leads us to doing shallow work – the work that many can do.

With forty years of practical experience of success and failure running organisations around the world – my own, and others – combined with as many years of continuous study, I help people bring balance and focus to themselves, and their organisations.

We all have two futures – the one we are being served by others, or the one we can grasp for ourselves. My job is to help you understand that, choose, and do it.

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