I have lived through the astonishing changes of the last fifty years at those frayed edges where the new replaces the ageing, often messily, always unpredictability.

From time in the military, to taking public companies into emerging markets, to working out how to tackle rapidly morphing problems like counterfeiting, to running my own businesses.

I have learned much, had success and failure (fortunately, more of the former than the latter) and understand deeply the very fine lines that separate the two.

For the last fifteen years, I have turned my attention to helping others understand the many and varies forces underlying complex change, and how to turn the to advantage.

I help clients connect to the sources of inspiration that drive them through the inevitable dips and doubts that occur in any worthwhile enterprise, to explore the range of options that are open to them by challenging their mental models and paradigms to strip away what holds them back, and enable them to turns their ideas and inspirations into powerful, agile and sustainable action.

If you think what I do might help you, mail me on richard@richardmerrick.co.uk.

Everything worthwhile starts with a great conversation.