Essential things, Anchors.

They keep us in a position when we’ve reached somewhere we want to stay. Perhaps the trouble with them, though, is that they are easy to forget.

We spend a little while when we first drop them in place that they are secure, and then when we’re happy, we go off about our other business.

The weather, though, changes. So we can find ourselves with our anchor dragged into new territory, where a different anchor would be more suitable, and gradually we lose security. We may not notice until a storm blows up, and because we’ve been so busy doing other things, we find ourselves with a problem.

Our anchors take many forms. Perhaps the company we work for, our qualifications, and the assumption that the future will be a modified version of the past. We end up wilfully blind.

It’s a good time to check the weather and ensure our anchors are secure or perhaps bring them up and set sail.

Complacency and procrastination leave us anchored in the wrong place and vulnerable to storms.

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