What won’t change?

Amid the noise that is the change industry, from media to consultancy, it is worth taking the time to remember what will not change.

It is a cliché to note that the sun will rise in the morning, even though it is true, but what else in our lives will not change?

Our purpose may change, but our values will change much more slowly. They have evolved with experience, and sometimes some of them may get emphasised or de-emphasised by circumstance, but they change very slowly. They are the compass by which we navigate our lives, and they are not going to start pointing south suddenly.

Our close friends are not going to change. Things may happen, and we might lose them, but our relationship with them that has anchored us stays present.

We are not going to lose our skills. How we apply them may change, but the training and dedication to honing them is a gift, and there is always room for the last blacksmith in town.

Most of all, who we really are does not change. It might have been submerged or bent out of shape by having to fit circumstances, but our core, that place where our soul resides, is constant.

Now is an excellent time to remember things that do not change because to thrive as things that do buffet us, we need to hang on to them.

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