Who will come with me?

I’ve been monitoring posts on LinkedIn through a filter; those who want to tell others how to do things against those looking for support to do something. Unsurprisingly, in conditions of uncertainty, the former outweigh the latter to a great degree. The precision of the number is less important for me than the relative balance.

It is, of course, much easier and comfortable to tackle somebody else’s challenge than to deal with our own as well as being chargeable. Consultancy relies on it.

Those who interest me and often inspire me are confident enough to say what they want to do and where they want help. Those who are pursuing something important enough to be open about the nature of support they need. It applies even more when trying to do something new and unknown rather than fix something known and broken.

As we leave a time we thought we understood but turned out to be broken and enter a new time of the unknown, it is essential. 

In a time of uncertainty, it is easy to sell “solutions.” There are many in the market for a quick fix, and as many willing to sell them their own patented, often learned from others, process. It also comes with the advantage of blaming the client rather than the process if it doesn’t work as advertised. In a previous period of uncertainty, we used to call it snake oil. 

As we sit in a liminal space between two eras, we have a very human situation. Where other creatures and organisms have to march to the drumbeat of evolution, we have a unique capacity to work it out and adapt. The important thing is we do it together. The hallmark of leadership in these situations is not knowledge, or rhetoric, or answers and instructions. 

Leaders are those who feel at peace in a garden full of questions marks

HT to Jonathan Hughes

Leadership today resides in the ability to say, “I want to go there – who will come with me?”

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