Where are the iconoclasts?

Thinkout out loud in public can be a dangerous game.

When did you last have a work conversation that didn’t involve taking sides? And when it did, which side did you take – the safe, or the novel?

When I look at LinkedIn, and other social media, very little of what is expressed there is both original and contentious. Rather, it is dominated by different versions of the already accepted. Not a lot of deviation from the mean. Not surprising when people are on there to been seen as employable or contractable. We need different conversations.

Right now we need new and uncomfortable ideas far more than noisily “regifting” acceptable ideas that have been around the block, and are beginning to look a little worn.

As we enter this strange, liminal space as we move out of the heavier restrictions of lockdown in the UK, whilst whole tranches of the rest of the world still wrestle with it, we need new ways of thinking and working.

To find them, we need conversations that do not involve taking sides, but rather genuine dialogues that explore, as objectively as we can, what we notice and what we want. They are conversations in small groups between people who deal with the reality of the current. Who can speak their truth out loud without shouting, and know they will be listened to. Conversations that take place in quiet places out of the range of the narrative warfare that is our media and politics right now. the sort of conversations happening at Originize

Most of all though, we need to have our own opinion, not hitch a ride on someone else’s. To be be clear about what we want from our life, and what we want to give to others in order to live a life that means something.

This is an important time. Release the inner iconoclast. We need to hear you.

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