Choose a Spring mindset.

a corner of the garden

It’s Spring. The new is emerging whilst the old has not yet left. We can choose what to see. We have a nearly two year old grandson, and every morning he chooses to see Spring. A day full of possibility that starts from the time he opens his eyes. It’s wonderfully infectious.

Listening to the news, it has a feel of winter. News leads focus either on who was to blame for yesterday, or what we need to fear tomorrow. It pretty much ignores what is working today and we should appreciate, and there is of course lots of it. This is not Pollyanna-ish, it’s just reality. Everything else is made up.

We ignore the incredible work done on vaccine development, and choose instead to focus on the quirks of a supply chain we designed. We choose where to make things, and the risks of an extended physical and emotional supply chain are clear when we make the decision, yet we take great satisfaction in blaming it.

Focusing on blame is a form of sunk cost fallacy. We screwed up, it’s done. Move on.

We need more Spring in our mentality. To appreciate what we have, and what we might do to develop it further.

Worrying about tomorrow is equally fallacious. it hasn’t happened yet and it will arrive, in whatever form it takes, regardless of our worry.

Preparation on the other hand is worth doing. Having a mindset and approach that will accept whatever it brings, find the best in it, and focus on it. Worry is an emotional mortgage, with the news media holding title, always ready for the upsell. “You’re worried about that? Well do we have something else for you to worry about…would you like to buy it? We have a special offer on

Choose your news sources as carefully as you choose your community, and get on with today.

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