An absence of wisdom

We invest heavily in knowledge, and pay small fortunes to acquire it. We even name economies after it, as though somehow knowledge is a novelty.

The thing is of course, knowledge is contextual and frangible. As it evolves, old forms break and are replaced by other forms that will doubtless break in turn.

Wisdom on the other hand is far longer lasting. It is the thread that runs through knowledge and sets the tone for how we use it. The Stoics had it as a cornerstone of their philosophy, alongside courage, justice and moderation. No matter what our state of knowledge, those values apply as much today as they did over 2000 years ago.

As we go through the next few decades of accelerated change; as our knowledge increases exponentially and its application touches every aspect of our lives, I’d rather like a wisdom economy.

Knowledge without wisdom can be a hooligan.

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