Professionals, Artisans and Language.

When we are uncertain; when we really don’t know where we’re going, and what used to work doesn’t anymore, money is a pretty poor compass.

It’s a hard time for professionals. they make their money and reputation bt training and becoming good at something that has structure and rules. They are embedded in infrastructure, and as sectors mature they become rent seekers. They make money by navigating vastly complicated structures they have helped to create, as anybody who has bought and sold a house, or a business understands all too well. When things change; when the rules fray and the structure dissolves, they have little choice to do more of the same to ensure the money continues. It’s all too easy to let the money do the talking.

Amateurs have fewer constraints. They are in it as much for love as money, and get a thrill from navigating uncertainty with their curiosity aroused. They practice the art of noticing.

Amateurs provide scaffolding for the emergent. Over time (but decades, not years) what is currently emergent will solidify for a period and the professionals will re-emerge. Until then, we’re all learning.

Because there is no data on the future, there are no experts on it. We have to work it out together, and that needs a whole new language for conversations where the curiosity of the artisan and the intellect of the expert meet on neutral ground, free of ego and a pursuit on money.

Conversations with intent but without agenda. Growth beyond money, and an entirely different take on performance.

Becoming what we might be, not wringing every last drop out of who we were.

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