The Ideas “Multiplier Effect”

Those who have studied economics learned about the multiplier effect in 101. Basic cause and effect. Where you invest money determines its impact on the wider system. Invest in infrastructure, create jobs which increases spending, and off we go on a positive multiplier The same applies in a negative sense. “Invest” in offshore outsourcing and the consequent bonuses, and the money goes somewhere warm. None of it trickles down to the economic deserts it leaves. Then there’s the “externalities”. The unaccounted for effects on environment, the extraction, the travel.

The same applies to ideas. An entrepreneur has an idea, and the effects compound. The same person, with the same idea, in a business meeting on the fifth floor, and it goes nowhere. too many people, with nothing to lose, attached to the status quo.

I suspect that if there was such a thing as an idea creation index, it’s relatively constant, and what varies is the uptake rate. There is no shortage of ideas.

The ideas are out there, we just need to give them space to grow.

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