We can’t start with scale

We can’t start at scale, because everything that has already scaled doesn’t want to change.

Listening to the news this morning, I’m struck by the number of items that involve some idea of legislation or pressure to get big things to change, whether it’s BAME representation on FTSE100 Boards, or Climate Change, or many other issues where self interested behaviours are already deeply entrenched into existing systems.

Change starts small. First us making small changes in behaviour, which migrate to collective change amongst small groups who work together and trust each other, to associations of groups who work together, and at some point, we find we are changing at scale. It takes effort, and time.

No matter what the statements made, we are not going to get snow white boards, who are quite happy where they are, to go off white. We are not going to get financial institutions hooked on the drug of the monetisation of anything that moves to change their habits of their own volition and we are not going to get politicians to cede power to local authorities anytime soon.

It starts with us, individually. We can experiment with and model the changes we want to see. To experiment to who we talk to, what we listen to, and what we do, and talk to others about what we notice.

Change is driven by character. One step at a time.

We can’t outsource the change we want to see. Scale doesn’t just happen, it has to start somewhere.

With each of us.

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