Artisans. Local Heroes.

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It’s easy to find celebrities to follow. It’s why they’re celebrities.Those on stage, not working behind the scenes.

Right now the people really making a difference are the invisible heroes. Teachers who having worked all over Christmas to prepare for Covid testing pupils found themselves with no notice preparing lessons to run in parallel in the classroom and remotely. Parents at the other end of that, home schooling children and working from home themselves. Medical teams facing an onslaught as inevitable as it is difficult. People who pick up the pieces of decisions made far away with little empathy for those who will pick up the pieces created by the things the decision makers didn’t know they didn’t know.

“Famous people are interesting,” she said, “but there’s a kind of a distancing phenomenon there. I’m interested in the creativity that we all put into our lives. Picasso’s life story is not empowering to the creativity of ordinary people. What is empowering is looking at someone that they can identify with. And becoming aware of what they’re already doing.” 

From “Edge” interview with the late Mary Bateson, who died 2 January. One the great systems thinkers.

Our leaders aren’t where they used to be. The managers who thought their role was to make their team more productive by standing over them in the office, finding that same team is more productuve working from home without them.

Those who worked n the basis that they knew more than their team who have been finding out that when things are fluid, they don’t and that the team can work out what to do by themselves.

The general discovery that offices are not factories, and artisans are not factory workers. For those educated in Industrial Era management schools, it’s a shock to the system.

Those who will take us out of this pandemic into a better way of working are generally invisible to many, but critical to those who rely on them for support. They are not celebrities, and rarely in the board room. Board Rooms are for policy and top level strategy. Those who deliver it are local.

Mostly, they are stood right next to you.

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