Preflections , 3 January

I’m not sure whether preflections is a word, but it seemed to fit as I sat down to think about what’s going on around us. We’re not far enough into this year to reflect yet, and forecasts of any sort seem like vanity, so thinking about what might be emerging seems interesting for a couple of weeks until we get going, so preflections it is.

We’re starting the year with what nearly five years ago the marginal majority of us voted for. We are out of Europe, and we have to make the best of it. As brutal reality replaces bluster, we do at least have a clearer base from which to work. In something of the same light, we also now have vaccine, but have yet to make it work in reality.

We face, I imagine, six months of effort to turn the huge achievement of the scientists into application on the ground and bring relief to those who have now had a year of improvisation, stress, long hours and sacrifice coping with the downsides of what capital deems “efficient” – minimum viable service supported by minimum viable pay with no “waste” – or spare capacity. While Doctors, Nurses, Emergency Services, Teachers, Shop Assistants and others turned up on the streets, the world’s billionaires accumulated another trillion pounds sitting somewhere warm.

Here in the fragmenting U.K, and in most of the developed West, it feels like we have reached some sort of watershed. Centralised Government has been found badly wanting, and Corporations without borders have proved very effective at extracting profits without the bothersome responsibility of paying tax where the income is generated. When both Government and Corporations work in concert, we get to now. We starve communities of resource.

Revolutions have never been started by the oppressed, they have always been started by the alienated middle classes. In times of real change, leadership emerges from the middle. Working for giant corporations generates serious incomes, but no power, influence or real credibility in our communities.

As those of us who have done it know, what we own in effect owns us. Mortgages, school fees and egos are unforgiving taskmasters. We are a democracy. Nobody has forced this on us. We’ve all gone along with it, one way and another, for several generations.

One of mantras of the Brexiteers was to reclaim our sovereignity. Another, for the pandemic, was “build back better”. I think we maybe need to pay real attenton to that as individuals and communities as 2021 gets under way.

The last twenty years have put the vast majority of us in the middle. We maybe need to pay more thoughtful attention as to who we work for, why we choose to work for them, and what they contribute to the communities we are part of.

We cannot now say we do not understand where we are. It is down to us.

Inspiration as we set off in 2021.

There are people doing great things to be proud of, and part of. More purpose than P.R.

Hiut Denim’s great list of Makers and Mavericks

Alan Moore’s Beatiful Business Newsletter.

Many have found themselves surpised freelancers in 2020. Here’s how to make it permanent.

What being free really means, From the Atlantic

Where I’m going in 2021

Neither dependence nor independence work at all well. Conscious interdependence does.

Choose what you do, choose who you do it with, choose why you do it.

That’s what I’ll be examining this year. Helping those who want turn the lessons of last year into action for a future to be proud of. I’ll be blogging here, and experimenting with others who are doing the same at Originize

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