2020 was a mess. What a gift.

We like things to be neat and tidy. we are taught to tidy our rooms from an early age. To paint inside the lines. Not to make a noise, and to do things the right way. To fit in. the problem is that is not the way we create the new. Everything we do today that works was a mess once.

Children learn music using the Suzuki method. It teaches them from the very first stage what “right” sounds like, in order that they can let go of the “training wheels” of plastic strips on the keys or neck and get back to the right sound through familiarity with instrument. it’s different to the self taught, and whilst it undoubtedly produces competent musicians I wonder what it does to the curiosity and purpose that the original art we crave.

2020 was for many, a bit of a mess. What we had come to accept as “right” went absent, from the conservative addiction to fiscal prudence, to the necessity of the office, to the idea of many sectors as “industries” – something connoting replicability and fixedness. “It will always be this way” thinking amenable to process and solutions.

Mess is raw material. We make sense of it in the same way children do. Play with it, taste it, talk about it. Pull it apart. Put it back together in different ways. Laugh about it.

2020 was a mess. It was a gift we can play with it 2021.

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