Artisans create beauty with purpose.

Most days, when things are normal it’s difficult to see the difference in a business between an artisan and a busker. Work comes in, work gets done, work goes out, money comes in. All is well.

The difference an artisan makes is always there of course – the care, the attention, the dedication and curiosity about what is happening. It’s just that when things are cruising, it’s invisible.

When things are not normal however, the difference is huge. The buskers are desperate not to be where the risk is, or blame assigned. That’s understandable – it’s not on the job specification and not what they’re paid for.

The job spec talks in neat concrete terms about what is to be delivered and how and defines boundaries, and blame of course is always on the far side of that boundary. The artisan however doesn’t recognise boundaries, they just want to get the job done and the customer served. If that means crossing boundaries into the blame zone, they do. They may complain about it afterwards, and feel hard done by but they still do it. Time after time. It’s who they are and it’s about their relationship with themselves. The can’t not do it.

Within six months, hopefully, this coronavirus wil be under some sort of control (other coronaviruses will of course become available) and the impact of the self inflicted wound of a chaotic Brexit will be clearer.

It will be a really hard time for buskers. Boundaries will be fluid, rules will have frayed, case studies will have a useful half life of days, and the shelter of a job spec full of very big holes. What will matter is getting things done in complex, even chaotic conditions. It’s a world for artisans.

2021 will either be energising, exciting and full of opportunity, or frightening, hopeless and hopeless. Its a choice we will make. Artisan or Busker?

2021 will be a year for Artisans.

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